Extended Detection and Response

 What is XDR? The full name of the XDR product is “Extended Detection and Response” and is offered as an extended detection and response product. XDR is a cloud-based security product that emerged to meet the need for management from a single point, which emerged due to the increase in the number and variety of security products used by security teams. It aims to manage and intervene on a single platform by processing the data received from security devices such as NIDS, Firewall, EDR, EPP, SIEM, Honeypot, Mobile Security. Attack with the rules to be placed on the XDR by processing the data to be received from the systems. It is aimed to detect, detect anomalies on systems with artificial intelligence learning, scan to detect possible malicious software on systems and intervene by detecting the path followed by an attack. In addition, it is aimed to control the current threats on the systems by processing the data received from cyber intelligence sources through this product. The commo